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ECIC Consulting is leading the way in Lean Manufacturing training and implementation.

We optimize capital assets. Develop current state equipment utilization maps and drive optimization of existing capital equipment) our clients benefit from our service with ranges from 35% to 80% increases in efficiency.

With ECIC as your partner we identify and develop new vendors. ECIC assists in locating and evaluating new vendors. We can also work with existing vendors to improve incoming quality.

ECIC participate in the assessment of acquisition targets. We serve as a strategy resource as well to visit potential acquisition targets as either rep or non rep of your client to get real ground view of existing operations inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement.

With our strong analytical skills, we can help solve manufacturing problems and increase efficiency and quality.

Our integrity and work ethic is unquestionable. We put the customer first and strive to exceed customer expectations with results and a strong interpersonal working relationship.

Interested in how we can help your business? Contact ECIC Consulting